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AusFunds Management Limited (AusFunds) is an Australian Financial Services Licensee that assists visa applicants in gaining Australian residency under the Business Innovation and Investment Visa (188/888 subclass). The Significant Investor Visa (SIV) was introduced for migrants with AUD$5 million or more to invest.

Under AusFunds SIV Investment Plan, you decide what investments to make. To the extreme, you can invest 100% in government bonds, in which case you may not need our services. A more typical scenario is to have a mixture of investments, to diversify risks and to maximise return. As an experienced private investor, you are most likely astute and successful, you are just new to the Australian environment and culture. Given a bit of help from our highly experienced team, you will make good investment decisions and do well.

What do we do?

AusFunds has created a SIV Investment Plan to assist applicants of the Significant Investor Visa (SIV) (subclass 188) visa on their complying investments.

Under the Plan, we offer applicants Australian Securities Investment Commission (ASIC) regulated funds management in Australia for their AUD$5 million investment. The Fund will only invest in investment categories specified by the Australian Government.

About – Learn more about the SIV provisional 188 visa and permanent 888 visa and how AusFunds can help you meet the eligibility requirements.

Services – Discover the comprehensive services we offer investors interested in migrating to Australia, including ASIC regulated funds management.

Why should I Choose AusFunds?

AusFunds can help you maximise your investments by offering:

  • A lower fee structure
  • A Fund that belongs entirely to you and your family members
  • A Fund that gives you maximum flexibility to invest
  • A Fund that is tailor made, and hence most suitable for your needs
  • A Fund that is managed by a very experienced team of executives
  • Decades of experience in funds management Australia-wide. We know how to screen and deliver good investment opportunities (typically in the real property area)

Learn More

For more information on the requirements of a SIV 188/888 visa and our ASIC regulated funds management in Australia, get in touch with our team of experts today. We can take you through all the steps and provide a positive end-to-end experience.